Special Stories Publsihing are delighted to make Joe’s Special Story a children’s picture book dealing wiith adoption and inter country adoption available to you.Any child who has been through the adoption process will naturally ask questions about the story behind their adoption. For children who have been adopted through inter-country adoption this is sometimes even more prevalent. This book has been designed for parents, teachers and social workers to read with children who have been adopted from a different country to the one they live in now. By reading the story with your child and discussing the experience of a child in a similar situation, you can take the opportunity to discuss any feelings of unhappiness or doubt that the child might have as regards his/her own situation.This book has been designed to help explain inter-country adoption to young children.See more information below,


Information: Adoption is a legal procedure which permanently places a child with a person who is not that childs biological mother or father. The adopted child is then entitled to all privileges belonging to a natural child of the adoptive parents. Adoption law and practice varies greatly from country to country however there are two main types of adoption as regards location of the child. Domestic Adoption: This is the placement of a child within the country in which he or she was born and lives. Intercountry/International Adoption: This is the placement of a child outside that childs country of birth. Intra-family adoption: This is when the child is adopted by a close member of their family e.g. step-parent adoption Foster parent adoption: When the child is adopted by his or her foster parents. Open adoption: When the birth and adoptive parents have some contact up to and/or after the adoption becomes legal. Closed adoption: When the birth and adoptive parents share no information or contact whatsoever. This can be simply a personal choice or as a result of a court order. - Irish Adoption Barnardos

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    International Adoption Association
    “This book is a great way to start talking to a young child about adoption and how they feel about it. I was reading this book to my son who is 3. He asked me to read it to him 5 times in a row! He seemed to love the illustrations and the story..” Olivia O’Reilly, International Adoption Association Book Review Joe’s Special Story. Reviewer
    “This is a nice little book for introducing the concept of adoption to young children. It tells the story through joe’s eyes who is currently going through the adoption process. The illustrations are really nice and overall I think this is a very good resource”

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