Special Stories Publishing are delighted to make “the bravest girl in school” a children’s picture book availble to you. It is a A story about Diabetes and taking insulin for young kids.Although parents are of course primarily responsible for the care of their childs diabetes, it is important that the children themselves are aware that they too must take some responsibility. This book encourages children to follow the instructions given to them by their doctors and parents, to eat healthily, and to see their insulin injections as something brave that they do, that other children cannot! Instead of viewing diabetes and their daily injections as something negative, the story encourages them to think of it as something that sets them apart from their peers in a positive way! See more information below.


Diabetes is a condition characterised by high blood sugar levels. It occurs due to a lack of insulin in the body, the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar. Type 1 diabetes: This is most common in people under 30 and often appears in early child hood. People with type 1 diabetes are unable to make their own insulin and therefore must be treated with insulin injections. Type 2 diabetes: This is more common among older people where the body can in fact produce insulin but cannot use it correctly. This type of diabetes can be controlled with correct diet and medication. As young children commonly suffer from type 1 diabetes it is necessary for them to receive regular injections of insulin. In recent times pen devices have made it much easier for children to inject their own insulin under parental supervision.

www.diabetes.ie - Diabetes Ireland
www.diabetes.org.uk/ - Diabetes UK
www.diabetes.org/ - American Diabetes Association

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  1. admin says:
    Posted August 23, 2012 at 6:45 pm | Permalink

    Amazon.com Reader
    This book would be perfect for any young child just diagnosed with diabetes. The story shows just how brave the little girls’ friends thought she could be and really gave her a sense of pride telling people that she was diabetic! A really great find!

    A child reader
    “I used to wonder why my mum and dad made me take insulin. Now i realise how important it is for me to take it”

    A Parent
    “This is a great resource to teach children about the imortance of taking their insulin and the difference it can make in their day to day lives”.

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