Series 1


Special stories publishing is deligted to make Series 1, a set of 7 special education childrens books available to the market. The books address a range of health and social issues and aimed at children in the 4-8 year range. With the main character of each book expressing their experience of the particular issues these books are an excellent resource for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals to introduce the special education topics in question. The following topics are addressed Foster care, Adoption, Speech difficulties, Childhood cancer, Limited mobility, Diabetes and Asthma. See more informastion below.

Series 1

Information Newly founded Irish publishing house Special Stories Publishing has just released their exciting and unique collection of children’s books, The Special Stories Series. The series, launched in Temple St. Children’s Hospital, comprises 7 full colour picture books for children, parents, teachers and healthcare professionals that address a range of childhood health and social issues; namely Foster Care, Adoption, Limited Mobility/Wheelchair Users, Cleft Palate and Speech Difficulties, Diabetes, Asthma and Childhood Cancer.By making these books available to primary schools nationwide, as well as to the mass market, Special Stories hopes to encourage tolerance and acceptance of health and social issues for children of all ages throughout Ireland. “The type of high quality and child focused material we produce has sadly been unavailable to children in Ireland until now” says Special Stories company director Kate Gaynor “The issues that we address affect thousands of children in this country either directly or through friends, relatives or classmates. We have worked closely with teachers, psychologists and other professionals to ensure that our books offer young children the best opportunity to learn about and discuss these difficult situations.” Beautifully illustrated by five Irish artists, including celebrated Irish illustrator Eva Byrne, every book in the series has its own unique style and charm. Each story is told through the voice of the main character who, unlike other books of this genre, tells of their experience using language that young children can really relate to and understand. The books, through their central theme, offer parents the opportunity to introduce the tolerance of disparities between all young children.The Special Stories Series is the first in a number of collections to be released by Special Stories Publishing. In the future the company also hopes to engage in collaborative projects with parents, children and professionals, offering them the chance to tell their own ‘special story’. Information - National Council for special education - Special Education Support Service

Series One

Book reviews

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    A Teacher
    This really is a wonderful collection of 7 childrens books that introduce children to a range of health and social issues such as foster care, adoption, speech difficulties, asthma, diabetes, limited mobility and childhood cancer. Each book is nicely illustrated and introduces each topic in a unique and child centred way. This series is a great resource for schools and libraries. There is limited material available for children on these so thank you to the author Kate Gaynor for making this series available

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