Special Stories Publishing in conjunction with the Dyslexia Association are delighted to make Toms Special Talent a children’s resource picture book dealing with dyslexia availble to you.Children with Dyslexia or a learning difficulty often find school a daunting and sometimes terrifying daily task. In an environment where certain skills, like writing and reading, are praised and highlighted more than others, it is important for kids to recognise that everyone has a ‘special talent’ of their own. It encourages other kids to be mindful of the differences that exist between their friends and classmates and to be aware that all children, regardless of their talents, learn differently. See more information below.


Using this book
Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which makes it hard for some people to learn and it primarily affects acquisition of reading, spelling, writing and sometimes maths. Particular signs to watch for include:  reversals of letters or words, difficulty remembering things in sequence (i.e. days of the week, times tables), poor short-term memory, confusion with left and right and difficulty recalling words.  Dyslexia is not a disease or a defect, merely a difference in various learning processes.

Dyslexia is quite common, about 8% of the population have dyslexia. It is genetic therefore one is usually born with it, and it is lifelong. However, with early identification and appropriate teaching, children with dyslexia can learn strategies to circumvent the difficulties. They are then able to achieve their potential, which in many cases is considerable. Parents and teachers need to be aware of dyslexia, and know that with early identification, specialist teaching and lots of support and encouragement, each child with dyslexia will be successful and reach their full potential.

Usefull Links
www.dyslexia.ie - Dyslexia Association of ireland
www.bdadyslexia.org.uk - British Dyslexia Association
www.dyslexia-usa.com - Dyslexia USA

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    Dyslexia Association
    Tom’s Special Talent will help younger children to understand dyslexia. It balances the reading and writing difficulties caused by dyslexia with recognition of the many other strengths and talents which people with dyslexia have. Quote from Rosie Bissett, Dyslexia Association:

    A Parent
    I wish this book had been around 25 years ago when my son was first diagnosed and struggling to understand what dyslexia was. Comment from a parent who has an adult son with dyslexia:

    Comment from a parent who read the book with her 8 year old daughter:
    My daughter thinks that Tom’s story is very good because it explains that they don’t have to be good at everything in School. She said she identified liking the art and music and other things but didn’t like the part of the day that had reading and writing. She loved the illustrations in the book too. She also thought that this would be a good book to give to teachers to read out to the class to explain what it was like for her to be a child with dyslexia. As for me I thought it was well written, beautifully executed illustrations and also at a level for most children my daughter’s age to understand. I felt also that it is a book that should be in every school to help explain to children that everyone is different and that with help they can achieve whatever they wanted from life. Comment from a parent who read Tom’s Special Talent with her 8 year old daughter:

    Comment from Maria, a teacher, who read the book with some young children:
    7-9 year olds enjoyed the book. They felt it was very good at explaining how they felt about reading out loud. It made school feel like a positive place. Overall, they were very impressed and loved it. A great dyslexia resource.

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