Eva Byrne is a well-known illustrator of books such as "Food to Match Your Mood" "Being You" and "So New York". As well as illustrating book covers, newspapers and magazine articles, she has worked on numerous advertising campaigns both in Europe and the United States. She was delighted to be asked to participate in this very special project with Kate Gaynor.

Donal Mangan is currently studying Animation in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. This is his first time doing illustrations for a children's book. In the future, he hopes to write and illustrate his own books aswell as pursuing a career in Animation.

Aileen Murphy is an Artist who lives in Dublin. She grew up in the country side of Wicklow and then studied in the The National College of Art and Design. Now she works in her studio in Dublin City drawing and making various 3D Art. Aileen's artwork usually relates to Fairy tales, girlhood motifs and wacky dreams. In the future she wants to travel to Iceland, illustrate many more children's books, have many Art exhibitions with the different little things that she makes and eventually move closer to the country side so she can own a dog and a vegetable garden.

Originally from Kilkenny, Ruth Keating moved to Dublin in 2003. She has recently graduated with a BA in Model making and Design for Film and Production Design in IADT, The National Film School. Ruth likes to travel as much as she can and in her spare time she enjoys sculpture, fashion, reading, music festivals and concerts.
Natalie Price is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her extraordinary commitment to creative work led her to complete eight years in third level education, developing professional skills in graphic design, illustration and model making. Natalie has a passion for the craft of physical model making. She pays great attention to detail when creating her charming illustration models. Natalie spends hours delving through all sorts of interesting materials, from piles of shiny fabric and boxes of watch and clock parts, to drawers of unusual beads and jewels, or whatever she finds at the bottom of her treasure chest. As well as building models from raw materials such as modelling clay, wood, and wire, Natalie’s creative spirit often rescues items from the scrap heap; the lid of an old make-up bottle is rejuvenated as a miniature coal bucket or a pen holder, and an old watch casing is transformed into a picture frame.

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