Down Syndrome


Special Stories Publishing in conjunction with Down Syndrome Ireland are delighted to bring “Freddies Super Summer” a childrens picture books dealing with Down Syndrome to the market. When a child with Down syndrome joins a mainstream school many children can find it difficult to understand a student that is somewhat ‘different’ to them. While the story encourages other children to be mindful and patient of the differences that exist between them, the story’s main focus to portray the many positive personality traits of a child with Down syndrome and shows how their inspiring and uplifting their contribution to a group can be. See more information below.

Down Syndrome

A syndrome is a name used for a collection of several features that usually occur together. The name Down syndrome comes from Dr. John Langdon Down, an English doctor who first described the characteristic features of this syndrome. Almost 100 years later, Professor Lejeune (Paris 1959) discovered why children with Down syndrome share characteristics in appearance and have degrees of developmental delays and recognisable characteristics. The reason is based in the chromosome make-up. The three forms of Down syndrome are called simple trisomy, translocation and mosaicism. As yet it is not known what causes Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Ireland
Down Syndrome Ireland promotes inclusion, equality and choices for people with Down syndrome and their families. People experience many great things and also face many challenges throughout their lives. People with Down syndrome are no different, but may need a little extra help and support along the way. Down Syndrome Ireland's goal is to help people with Down syndrome make their own futures as bright and independent as possible by providing them with education, support and friendship every step of the way. For further information please contact Down Syndrome Ireland, Citylink Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12

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